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What can KTM Research do for you? 

Cognex 7000 Gen II Status LightKTM Research has extensive experience with complex machine vision inspection and vision-guided robotics.  In the rapidly evolving field of machine vision, it is important to select a vendor who is experienced, knowledgeable, and familiar with the latest technologies.  With our focus on industrial machine vision, KTM Research is always monitoring the latest technologies and trends to give our clients a significant edge when developing new inspections or processes.  KTM Research’s core competencies are:

  • Machine vision for quality control and inspection
  • Machine vision for vision-guided robotics
  • Software controls and human interfaces for mechanical hardware

We can perform emergency maintenance projects to restore your production line to service when an old machine vision tool goes down.  We are your trusted partner on small retrofit projects to upgrade your existing inspection and quality control stations to your current and future requirements.  We can integrate machine vision into your work cell to expand the work cell’s capabilities.  We are ready to design, build, and deploy turnkey inspection and quality control work cells anywhere in the world.

KTM Research has deployed turnkey quality control systems across North America and Asia at some of the largest contract manufacturing facilities on Earth.  We can integrate with your in-house and contract manufacturing facilities to deliver machine vision solutions for your inspection and quality control, vision-guided robotics, and software controls needs.

Contact us to discuss your project and how machine vision might be the right solution.


Clients and Industries We Serve

KTM Research works with clients in many fields, and from many backgrounds. Our clients range in size from small, local, single owner/operators to global Fortune 20 companies. We can work with you on small machine vision projects or large and highly complex machine vision solutions.  A few of our clients include:

Olympus Controls

Hewlett Packard

Penn State University




We work with many different industries that span the breadth of global manufacturing.  Our customers include consumer electronics manufacturing, plastic and metal injection molding manufacturers, apparel design and manufacturing, biomedical equipment manufacturers, forest products, the automotive industry, aerospace component manufacturers, medical research laboratories, and many more.  KTM Research can support your machine vision needs in any industry.

Consumer electronics

Apparel manufacturing

Biomedical equipment

Aerospace Components

Forest products