Working With KTM

Making KTM Research Part of your team 

KTM Research knows that innovative projects can take on many forms.  KTM Research is ready to work with you to develop proof of concept demonstrations for your application, design and build production-ready equipment, deploy equipment to your local or international facilities, and support equipment we design or orphaned equipment at your site. We work very closely with our clients who often view us as an extension of their own team.  Bringing KTM Research into a project early lets us provide feedback and support on future feasibility of vision-based processes such as vision-guided pick and place, or vision-based quality control inspections.  With the breadth of projects and clients, we are ready to work with our clients in the capacity that most suites the needs of our clients and the project.

Please contact us to discuss your machine vision needs.


KTM Research Project ConsultationProject Consultation

As specialists in machine vision, we have worked on many applications and have extensive experience.  Our clients leverage this valuable experience by consulting with us early in the development phase.  With rapidly changing technologies, it can be difficult for our clients to know what is possible today and what will be possible a year from now.  From assisting with design for manufacturing taking vision-based quality control into account to feasibility studies for their third-party clients, think of KTM Research as an extension of your team.


KTM Research Vision SubcontractingVision Subcontracting

Many of our clients are OEMs, integrators, and end users who rely on KTM Research to incorporate industrial machine vision systems into their applications.  Our clients’ applications cover a wide variety of commercial products, industrial/manufacturing systems, and in-house research/development tools. Our clients leverage KTM Research’s extensive machine vision experience and expertise by subcontracting the machine vision portion of an application to us while they focus on what they do best.


KTM Research Turnkey SolutionsTurnkey Systems

KTM Research’s focus is on machine vision, but we are also a full integration shop.  We have the experience required to design, develop, build, and test turnkey solutions for our clients.  When our clients do not have the bandwidth to handle design and development of a new system, KTM Research can handle everything for them.  Many of our clients view us as an extension of their team and rely on KTM Research’s engineers for support.