Prototyping Services

KTM Research Prototyping Services


KTM Research specializes in working with clients during the developmental stages of a new project or technology implementation.  Assisting with the design and execution of a feasibility study is often the first step to validating a new approach with minimal front-end expense and effort.  Developing a prototype is the next step towards validation, allowing for testing of full functionality with reduced costs of production system design.

PSU-HMC-150x507The Cheng laboratory at Penn State Hershey College of Medicine approached KTM Research when they experienced difficulties in developing a special mold for larval fish used in research.  After several years of work they had developed a basic device, but felt it could be improved.  Lacking the resources or expertise to complete the project in-house, KTM Research stepped in to provide design and manufacturing support.

After reviewing the current state of the project and Penn State’s ideas, KTM Research created a detailed development plan.  Through the design and manufacturing of several prototype iterations, the optimal design was determined.  Once the design parameters were understood, KTM Research evaluated multiple manufacturing options including: injection molding, traditional machining, and sterolithography (SLA).  After reviewing all the options and their strengths and weaknesses, KTM Research managed the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of the finished product for Penn State.

Through this strategic partnership, the Cheng laboratory was able to leverage KTM Research’s experience and support network to meet their commitment of delivering an improved version of their first-generation mold to the research community.

HP LogoWhen Hewlett Packard needed to develop a new generation of machine vision inspection system to support their manufacturing quality control, they contacted KTM Research.  After thoroughly reviewing several possible approaches, KTM Research underwent a feasibility study to determine the approach best suited to HP’s needs.  The results from that study were used to develop a prototype design which was built and tested in Oregon and then shipped to their overseas contract manufacturer for testing in the production environment.

The outcome of this collaboration was a new style of machine vision system designed specifically for their complex inspection that exceeded the old systems performance by over 40%.

Olympus-150x611Olympus Controls is the leading supplier of automation equipment in the Pacific Northwest.  When they were approached by a client looking for a vision inspection feasibility study on short notice, they turned to KTM Research for assistance.  KTM Research was able to work within their clients time-critical needs to investigate the feasibility of the inspection and document the results in a detailed report.

KTM Research was able to help Olympus Controls meet their clients needs on short notice while delivering high-quality results that customers look for from suppliers like Olympus.