KTM Research Founders

KTM Research Founders

KTM Research was founded by three Oregon State University graduates with the goal of improving industry and research through rigorous application of advanced concepts and solid design methodologies.  This legacy lives on today in the culture and commitment of the hard working people at KTM Research.  For more information on what KTM Research does today and how we support our clients globally, please visit our about or solutions pages.

David Mandrell

David-MandrellDavid started his engineering career in high school with a summer internship at a small local engineering firm called Keller Swartwood Engineering.  Working with small teams and participating in all aspects of projects, David continued to work and learn the practical side of engineering and found a true calling working on automated system design and integration.

During his college career at Oregon State University, David supported numerous research projects in several departments including Engineering, Forestry, Chemistry, and Environmental and Molecular Toxicology.  Throughout his college career, David continued to expand his skills working in industry and consulting.  During his senior year of undergraduate, he founded KTM Research with two other researchers, Yolanda Tennico and Myra Koesdjojo.  While pursuing his Masters degree in engineering, David managed an engineering group supporting researchers at the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory developing custom automation equipment, processes and assays, and high-performance analysis software.

Today, David brings his extensive experience with industry, research, and project management to KTM Research.  Specializing in system design and integration with a focus on machine vision and vision guided robotics, David’s experience with a broad range of projects provides a valuable knowledge base for clients to rely on.

 Our philosophy at KTM Research is to engage with our clients as partners.  While most companies focus on projects, we focus on the relationship: understanding our clients’ needs holistically and working with them to make the best decisions for their business.  My goal is to be the first person a client calls for unbiased advice regarding machine vision and automation technology.
– David Mandrell

Myra Koesdjojo

Myra Koesdjojo

Myra’s passion for science and engineering was evident from a very young age.  She obtained a PhD in Chemistry from Oregon State University specializing in microfluidics system design and construction.  She has developed several novel technologies that have been widely adopted in in the microfluidics research community.  Myra’s drive and attention to detail make her an excellent scientist, and her deep knowledge of a broad array of fields from chemistry, to engineering and software give her a unique perspective when overcoming challenges.

From the beginning, KTM Research supported projects for underprivileged regions of the world, and Myra has been the backbone of these efforts.  From working to combine technologies to develop new tools for early detection and diagnosis of Dengue fever to hosting maker fairs at orphanages in Indonesia, Myra has always brought her skills to bear on tough issues while finding time to educate and inform.

I’ve seen first hand what a difference knowledge makes in the everyday the lives of people, and the empowerment over their own destinies that come along with it.  I want to help empower the most vulnerable people in underprivileged regions to take control of their lives and make a difference.  Technology today is so prevalent and accessible that no one should go without an understanding of what makes the world around them work.
– Myra Koesdjojo

Myra is currently on leave from KTM Research to focus on STEM outreach in developing countries.  Myra’s passion has always been spreading high-quality learning and sharing her enthusiasm for science and technology with those less fortunate.  To help fill a void in undeserved areas of the developing world she started MYO Kidz, an organization that focuses on developing high-quality programs to engage children with fun programs that teach important science and engineering principals.