15 Jun

Disabling Windows 10 automatic upgrade

While Windows 10 brings many great new features to the Microsoft operating system, many of our industrial and commercial clients have expressed frustration with the persistent way that Microsoft has chosen to repeatedly prompt users to upgrade, and now automatically scheduling upgrades.  In some settings, an unexpected upgrade could cause massive problems, with much higher risk for issues occurring in highly specialized and complex industrial tools and systems.  Issues with automatic updates breaking things is already a well documented problem!

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09 Oct

Dynamic DNS ddclient with NameCheap

This post will address how to properly configure the dynamic DNS client ddclient when being used with NameCheap.

I often face issues dealing with dynamically assigned IP addresses.  A dynamic IP address is one that can change periodically.  How often depends on a lot on the particular circumstances, my home IP changes only two or three times a year, but one of my clients IP addresses seems to be changing almost daily.  If you find yourself in a situation similar to my client where you need to connect to a network over the internet, but that network’s external IP address is constantly changing, a dynamic DNS (DDNS) service is a good solution.

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